Testers for paints

We offer colour testers for ordered products. The tester may be treated as free or paid sample for the client in order to test ready-made colour on the base which will be painted. Available [...]

Primer Paint

Acrylic base paint is designed for priming of bases which strongly absorb water, i.e.:  gypsum plasters, plasterboards. May be applied on all mineral internal bases – increases efficiency [...]


Designed for painting internal walls and ceilings, as well as wallpapers, plasterboards, cement-lime plasters or concrete (upon completion of carbonization process) inside rooms with the use of [...]

Mineral Paint

Desiged for painting facades of buildings which are particularly exposed to destructive impact of atmospheric factors – is resistant to aggressive ingredients contained in base and [...]

Siloxane Paint

Designed for painting external surfaces and concrete bases, cement plasters and cement-lime (upon completion of carbonization process) particularly exposed to precipitation, dirt and subject to [...]