Cork glue

  • Single-ingredient glue for fastening of various cork parts. When dry similar in colour to natural cork.

    • Quick-drying
    • Contains no solvents
    • Cork-colour bonds
    • Indoor use


    The glue is intended for fastening of cork products e.g. wall and floor coverings, decorative trims, to indoor substrates made of brick, concrete, cement, cement and lime plaster, drywall etc.


    Light brown.

    Method of use

    Substrate to be glued must be dry, clean and free from dust. Remove any loose or chipping particles. Remove dust and wash the surface. Coat highly absorptive and poor strength substrates with acrylic primer.
    Stir the product well before use. When used as paint, apply the product on a prepared surface using roller or brush. Let moist surfaces dry before gluing. Apply glue using putty knife with small (3-4 mm) teeth over such an area which can be covered with a covering within 10 minutes. Press cork firmly to the edges and press on with a roller. Remove excess glue, which got out of the parts being glued, with wet cloth. The glue is ready to use. Before application thoroughly check if the parts to be joined match. Finished surfaces can be varnished after min. 48 hours.

    Transport and storage

    The product should be stored in sealed packaging in temperatures between +5°C and +30°C. Protect against frost.

    Safety measures

    Protect the eyes and skin; in the event of contact, wash with water immediately. Keep away from children. Secure the surroundings of surfaces painted. Remove any possible spoils without waiting for them to dry out.
    Detailed information has been provided in the MSDS chart.


    Do not dispose of together with household waste, do not pour into sewer. Manage the waste according to the applicable national regulations on waste handling. Detailed information has been provided in the MSDS chart.